Studies Committee

The GRÓ-FTP Studies Committee oversees the training and capacity building activities within the programme and works with the FTP director to maintain high professional standards in the six months training both in terms of content and also regarding supervision and research. Members of the committee participate in their own capacity and many of them lead the lines of specialization offered in the six month training programme of the GRÓ-FTP.

Mr Thor Asgeirsson, Director of GRÓ-FTP (Chair)

Dr Jonas P. Jonasson, head of Stock Assessment line of specialization (Marine and Freshwater Research Institute)

Dr Dadi Mar Kristofersson, head of Fisheries Policy and Management line of specialization (University of Iceland)

Mr Margeir Gissurarson, head of Quality Management of Fish Handling and Processing line of specialization (Matis - Food Research and Innovation)

Dr Rannveig Björnsdottir (Univeristy of Akureyri)

Dr David Benhaim, head of Sustainable Aquaculture line of specialization (Holar University College)

Dr Hrefna Karlsdottir (SFS - Fisheries Iceland)