Thor Asgeirsson


Thor Asgeirsson

MSc, MEd

Short Bio

I studied at the Teacher College of Iceland (BEd) and at the University of Iceland (biology), and then at Boston University (MEd) and University of Massachusetts-Boston (MSc). Since 1986 I have been involved in teaching and researching in the US and in Iceland. I joined the Marine Research Institute in Iceland in 1996 as a full time staff member and became a research scientist in 1997 researching feeding and natural mortality of juvenile cod and haddock. I joined the UNU-Fisheries Training Programme in 2000 and have worked on planning and administration along with research for the UNU-FTP ever since.

Research interest is in the area of fish environmental ecology with focus on juveniles. For the past several years my focus has shifted to fisheries development through the work of the UNU-FTP


  • MSc, MEd, , UNU-FTP ,