About GRÓ

GRÓ - International Centre for Capacity Development – Sustainable use of Natural Resources and Societal Change forms part of Iceland’s development cooperation portfolio. The Centre comprises four training programmes with a specific focus on strengthening organizational, institutional and individual, capacities in developing countries in the following fields of expertise:

  • Promoting sustainable use and management of living aquatic resources (Fisheries Training Programme (FTP));
  • Promoting gender equality, women’s empowerment and social justice (Gender Equality Training Programme (GEST));
  • Promoting the utilisation and sustainable management of reliable, economically viable, and environmentally sound geothermal energy resources (Geothermal Training Programme (GTP));
  • Promoting restoration of degraded land and sustainable land management (Land Restoration Training Programme (LRT)).

The Centre’s programmes render a substantial impact in developing countries and contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. More than 1300 fellows from over 100 developing countries have graduated from the Training Programmes in Iceland, and over 2000 have attended the Programmes’ activities in partner countries. 

The Centre is the first multidisciplinary Category 2 Centre in UNESCO’s network and as such closely linked to UNESCO´s mandate.

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