The Six Month Training Programme

The Geothermal Training Programme has a time schedule of six months annually. The programme is taught in English, wherefore candidates are required to be fluent in English.

The programme commences in the spring (April-October), and is divided into three phases: introductory lectures, specialised training and research project. To successfully finish the training programme every Fellow has to finish a project (report), which is presented orally before the closing ceremony.

  • Introductory lectures (5-6 weeks) - lectures, visits and excursions (2 weeks) to all the main geothermal fields under exploration and utilisation in Iceland. These are designed to provide background knowledge and appreciation for interrelationship between geothermal disciplines, from initial exploration to utilisation. Participants have to undertake two written tests during the introductory lecture course.
  • Specialised training (5-6 weeks) - lectures, visits and excursions designed to provide practical training tailor made for the individual Fellow.
  • Research project (12 weeks) - independent work where Fellows focus and work on a project that has a direct relevance to their work at home.
  • Teaching tools  - teaching materials during the Six Month Training Programme.