Nordic Women Mediators Network

The Nordic Women Mediators (NWM) is a network of women from the five Nordic countries with professional expertise relevant to conflict mediation, peacebuilding, and negotiations. They share a commitment to sustaining peace through the inclusive and meaningful participation of women in all phases of peace processes.

NWM is an instrument for the involvement of Nordic women in advocacy and operational engagement in support for peace. The network members have expertise on a variety of issues relevant to all phases of peace processes, including mediation, ceasefire arrangements, constitutional reform, civil-military relations, international humanitarian law, human rights, communications, and inclusive strategies. Promoting women in negotiations, mediation and all phases of peace-making is at the heart of the work of the NWM.

NWM is a collaborative forum, building on national women mediators’ networks in all five Nordic Countries – Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. The Network was launched in Oslo in November 2015.

GEST coordinates the Icelandic branch of the Nordic Women Mediators Network (NWM) in close collaboration with the Icelandic Ministry for Foreign Affairs.