Online education

Since 2020, GRÓ GEST has developed Massive Open Online Courses for the edX platform. EdX is a leading international online learning platform founded by Harvard and MIT and joining edX was a natural step for GEST in its efforts to improve the quality and outreach of transnational knowledge transmission and exchange, and to adapt to rapidly changing technological environments in higher education.

Registration is open for GEST’s three first online courses on the edX platform:    


Gender and Intersectionality

Gender intersects with everything and this course will teach participants how to analyse religious texts and traditions, class divisions, racial inequality, sexualities, and nationalism through a gendered lens. The course offers an excellent starting point for those coming to gender studies for the first time.




Gender Violence and Post-Conflict States

Learn the core theories, case studies and policy frameworks necessary for understanding the interplay between gender and violence in post-conflict contexts.




Gender and Development: Critical Theories and Approaches

Learn about some of the main critical theories and topics necessary for understanding a complicated and sometimes contradictory relationship between gender equality and international development initiatives.

GRÓ GEST is currently developing an additional online course to be launched in February 2024: Men, Boys and Masculinities.