Cynthia Enloe Awarded an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Iceland

5 February 2020
Cynthia Enloe Awarded an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Iceland

We are honoured to announce that Cynthia Enloe, Research Professor at Clark University, world-renowned feminist scholar, and long-standing lecturer at the GEST Programme, has been awarded an honorary doctorate by the Faculty of Languages and Cultures at the University of Iceland. Prof. Enloe has been an annual lecturer at the GEST Programme since 2010 where she teaches on gender, peace, and security. Her teaching and research focus on the interplay of gendered politics in the national and international arenas and she has written extensively on the topics and intersections of feminism, women, militarized culture, war, politics, and globalized economics.

An honorary doctorate is the highest order the University can bestow. By awarding honorary degrees, the University recognizes individuals whose accomplishments are of such excellence that they provide inspiration and leadership to its graduates.

The ceremony took place 4 February 2020 in the Aula of the University of Iceland. It was led by Birna Arnbjörnsdóttir, Head of Faculty of Languages and Cultures. The Rector of the University of Iceland, Jón Atli Benediktsson, gave a short address on the occasion. Irma Erlingsdóttir, Associate Professor at the University of Iceland and the Director of the GEST Programme, reviewed the qualifications presented in justification of the award. Penultimately, Prof. Cynthia Enloe shared her thanks and expressed, in her humble manner, that she continues to learn, not only every day, but every hour, from Icelandic feminists, and especially, from the GEST fellows. 

The ceremony was concluded with a short video with greetings and congratulations by the honoree’s former students from the GEST Programme.

The GEST team congratulates Prof. Cynthia Enloe on her honorary doctorate from the University of Iceland. 

More pictures from the ceremony can be viewed here