GRÓ GEST Welcomes the 2024 Cohort of Fellows!

22 January 2024
The GEST fellows of 2024 in front of Veröld, the house of Vigdís.
The GEST fellows of 2024 in front of Veröld, the house of Vigdís.

The 2024 cohort of fellows have recently arrived to Iceland. They have finished the programme orientation where they were introduced to many practical issues regarding living in Iceland, including navigating the campus, student housing, and the city, as well as with getting along, and how to make the best of the experience. Last Thursday they started the first module, Theories and Concepts of Gender. We look forward to following their professional progress during the semester, as well as learning from the 23 fellows who make up the cohort this year.

The fellows represent different genders and professions, and come from 14 different countries: Uganda, South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Palestine, India, Malawi, Sri Lanka, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Nepal, Pakistan, and for the first time there are fellows from Rwanda, Madagascar and Liberia. The diverse group of fellows enables transnational knowledge sharing and learning within the classroom.

This year, five of the fellows come from GEST‘s partner universities through the Erasmus+ programmme and receive a joint Erasmus+ and GRÓ GEST scholarship. They come from the University of Ghana, Makerere University, University of Sarajevo, and the University of the Western Cape.

The GEST team wishes the fellows all the best during their studies in Iceland and beyond!