IDEAS Podcast goes live!

26 October 2022
IDEAS Podcast goes live!

It is our pleasure to announce that the first module of the IDEAS podcast is now available online on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Deezer, Castbox and

Over the last two years, GEST and RIKK - Institute for Gender Equality and Difference, along with six other partner organizations from Serbia (lead), the Czech Republic, Croatia and Greece, have conceptualized and recorded 35 podcasts aimed at disseminating feminist knowledge and spark new interest in gendered topics. Starting today, the IDEAS podcast will release a new module with a new topic each week:

  • October 26: Gender and Feminisms: Women’s Studies Against Patriarchy
  • November 2: Women’s Herstories - Political options and Theoretical Standpoints
  • November 9: Women's Minorities and Their Rights: Migrant, Roma and Homeless Women
  • November 16: Body, Health and LGBTQI+ Rights
  • November 23: Lessons from the Feminist Political Economy: Issues of Social Reproduction
  • November 30: Gender, Environment & Climate Change
  • December 7: Thinking the Political: Freedom and Responsibility

GEST and RIKK's contribution to the podcast series is five episodes with some of GEST’s affiliated experts on gender and climate change, including returning lecturer Joni Seager and PhD candidate and GEST alumna Stella Tereka.

The partners on this project are: the Center for Women’s Studies from Belgrade (lead partner) Charles University from Prague, Colour Youth from Athens, University of Iceland, Centre for Women’s Studies from Zagreb and IPAK - Research Centre for Culture, Politics and Identities from Belgrade.

The project is funded by the EU, within the Erasmus+ program, while the implementation partner is the Tempus foundation in Belgrade.