IDEAS - Workshop on Script Writing for Podcasts

4 October 2021
IDEAS - Workshop on Script Writing for Podcasts


In 2021, GEST joined the ERASMUS+ funded project IDEAS - Inclusive Educational Anti-discrimination AlternativeS. Over a two-year period, six partner organizations from the Czech Republic, Croatia, Greece, Iceland and Serbia will conceptualize and record 35 podcasts, with the of making feminist knowledge accessible and contribute to the empowerment of multiple marginalized groups. In addition to producing five podcasts on gender and climate change, GEST’s role in the project is consultative on the podcast production process. 

This week, on 3-5 of October, GEST project manager Dr Thomas Brorsen Smidt travelled to Athens to facilitate a workshop on script writing for podcasting and how to make feminist knowledge and women’s empowerment accessible through mono-sensory media. The meeting took place at the headquarters of project partners Colour Youth, Athens. They also joined by project leaders; the Center for Women’s Studies in Belgrade, in addition to representatives from Charles University in Prague, Centre for Women’s Studies in Zagreb, and IPAK - Research Centre for Culture, Politics and Identities, Belgrade.

Through the podcasts, listeners will also be able to learn about the history of the women’s movement, feminist theories, their bodies and sexuality, and LGBTIQ+ issues. They will also have an opportunity to gain insights into the experiences of Roma and migrant women, theories of social reproduction, women’s labor rights and the issue of politics and the political. The podcasts will utilize various innovative methods in order to help the listeners gain a better understanding of the above mentioned topics.

 The project is funded by the EU, within the Erasmus+ programme, with the Tempus foundation in Belgrade as a implementation partner.