New FREE online course

23 August 2022
New FREE online course

In 2020 GRÓ GEST launched its first massive open online course on the edX platform. By now, more than 11.000 learners from 170 countries have enrolled in the Gender and Intersectionality, and been introduced to basic theories and concepts in international gender studies.

Today GRÓ GEST is very proud to announce its brand new online course Gender, Violence and Post-Conflict States. Watch the trailer below!

Understanding the gendered dynamics of violence in conflict and post-conflict situations is crucial to anyone considering a career in international development, or just anyone who want to learn more about the core theories, case studies and policy frameworks necessary for understanding the interplay between gender and violence in conflict and post-conflict contexts. As such, the course is also directed at GRÓ GESTs main target group, namely professionals (or soon-to-be professionals) working for government and civil society organisations in low income countries and post-conflict societies undergoing reconstruction.

The course was developed during the COVID years with funding from ERASMUS+ and in collaboration with experts from the University of Oslo, University of Cape Town, London School of Economics, and PRiO (Peace Research Institute Oslo). The course will officially launch on August 29, but you can enroll on edX any time!