Confronting gendered violence: focus on perpetrators


30.11.2016 - 2.12.2016


Helsinki, Finland (view on map)


Conference poster.The conference sets focus on the contexts of perpetrators in the Nordic countries, seeking to find ways to break the cycles of violence. The purpose of the conference is to generate knowledge within the field and explore different ways to address domestic and intimate partner violence. The conference offers a platform for sharing lessons, discussing the implementation of the Istanbul convention and create a dialogue between different actors in the field within the Nordic countries, in addition to forming a Nordic network for professionals focusing on perpetrators.

The target group of the conference is different actors working with issues regarding perpetrators of domestic and intimate partner violence, policymakers and practitioners such as NGOs, researchers, institutes and organizations that make the support systems within the Nordic countries. The conference consists of sessions and workshops presenting treatment options for perpetrators, research on perpetrators as well as social frameworks and support systems.

Erla Hlín Hjálmarsdóttir, along with Kristín Pálsdóttir from RIKK, Institutute of Gender, Equality, and Difference deliver a lecture on Icelandic municipal collaboration on domestic violence, and they are members of the conference organizing team. Hjálmarsdóttir also moderates the opening session and summarize findings from thematic sessions: treatment options; research on perpetrators; and social frameworks and systems. The goal is to share lessons and learn about solutions and approaches applied within and between countries.