Postgraduate Diploma Programme

Gender Equality Studies and Training Programme 2021


1.08.2021 - 31.12.2021


Iceland (view on map)


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The annual postgraduate diploma programme (30 ECTS) in international gender studies took place at the University of Iceland from Augustto end of December 2021. The curriculum in GEST’s diploma in international gender studies incorporates inter-disciplinary topics with the aim of enhancing understanding of the political, economic and social structures needed to promote gender equality and advance women’s empowerment.


Each module corresponds to 5 ECTS credits resulting in a postgraduate degree (30 ECTS) upon completion of the programme.

  1. Theories and Concepts
  2. Gender and Development
  3. Gender, Violence and Security
  4. Gender, Labour and Migration
  5. Gender, Environment and Climate Change
  6. Final Assignment