Access to Justice, Rehabilitation and Support of Gender Based Violence Survivors in Kalangala District, Uganda

Author(s): Willy Nkumbi
Final project
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Gender Based Violence
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The project focuses on rehabilitation of gender based violence (GBV) victims and reduction of the prevalence of such violence in Kalangala district. GBV is a huge problem in Kalangala district and Uganda as a whole. The high prevalence is attributed to impunity in handling sexual and gender based violence cases, lack of awareness, drug and alcohol abuse, poverty, patriarchal ideologies, limited access to justice and ignorance among community members. It should be noted that there are no visible projects to reduce GBV in Kalangala supported by either the government or development partners. The goal of the project is to use community-based approach for rehabilitation of the survivors of sexual and gender based violence and to reduce GBV in Kalangala through mobilization and sensitization of its communities. The project will employ a number of interventions including a survey to analyse the problem, gender analysis, community mobilization, advocacy, mass community sensitization programs, skills development, training, mobile court system, awareness raising as well as participatory monitoring and evaluation to promote full participation of women as well as men. The project will be implemented by Kalangala district local government through Community Based Services Department.