Addressing Violence against Women and Girls: a Secondary School Based and Community Approach

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Gender Based Violence
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Violence against women and girls (VAWG) is prevalent in Jamaica where it accounts for 50% of deaths among women. VAWG is not just murder. It includes any act that causes psychological, sexual, and/or physical harm to women or girls. The root cause of VAWG in Jamaica is the gendered, social-cultural norms of male dominance and female subservience stemming from colonialism and slavery. Jamaica’s high level of VAWG is in violation of the CEDAW that Jamaican government ratified in 1984. Government interventions since then have failed to change the cultural norms of violent masculinity. This project addresses the root causes of VAWG in Jamaica by raising awareness in secondary schools in the rural town of Darliston, Westmoreland. Furthermore, the project will combine awareness raising with trainings both in the schools and in the communities to increase knowledge on the issue and give students, parents, and teachers tools to address VAWG and its causes. In order to truly address VAWG, the project includes trainings, social clubs, and other activities for both boys and girls at Maud McLeod High School.