Applying Women’s Quota in West Bank Refugees Camp Popular Committees

Author(s): Khaled Mansour
Final project
Year of publication:
Gender and Migration
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Supervisors: Helga Björnsdóttir


More than two hundred thousand Palestinian refugees, men and women are denied their right to select their representatives in the West Bank refugees’ camps local authorities. The only way to ensure that women specific needs and interests are considered and reflected in the camps local authorities is through women quota. This project aims to apply Local Councils elections law that guarantees at least twenty percent quota for women representatives. This quota has already been applied in all other types of localities in the West Bank. Raising the issue with top Palestinian Authority officials and gender sensitizing them is essential for ensuring that the Local Council election law is implemented in West Bank refugee camps. This project also includes a range of capacity building activities, and suggests different measures for creating gender sensitive working environment in the camps local authorities.