Beyond Limits: Reducing the Prevalence of Sexual and Intimate Partner Violence in Institutions of Higher Learning in Malawi through Young Women's Empowerment and Leadership

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Women's Empowerment
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Beyond Limits is a project designed to reduce the prevalence of sexual and intimate partner violence. The project targets private and public institutions of higher learning in Lilongwe city, Malawi. The project aims to empower young women of ages between 18-24 to lead and advocate for changes in attitudes and practices that perpetuate violence in these institutions. The project will empower young women to be analytical, courageous and to be activist to seek their rights and protection. Through training and mentorship, young women will be able to realize their self-worth and potential beyond the limitations set for them. Consequently, tolerance to violence will be reduced. With adequate capacity building, young women will establish youth groups to advocate against violence against women and to promote gender equality in universities. This project will promote collective action to increase accountability of university management in responding to GBV cases. It is with this background that the project shall influence changes in negative attitudes, behaviour and practices that perpetuate sexual and intimate partner violence.