Chinese Single Motherhood By Choice: A feminist perspective on assisted reproductive technology

Author(s): Jingyun Pi
Final project
Year of publication:
Reproductive Freedom, Reproductive Justice, Single Motherhood by Choice, Assisted Reproductive Technology, Single Women, Motherhood, China, Feminism, Gender Equality


Reproductive freedom and justice are essential parts of achieving gender equality. Currently, in China, women, especially single women, do not fully enjoy their reproductive rights to decide how they want to have children especially if they are not married. This is reflected in a big research gap in China on single motherhood by choice through assisted reproductive technology, especially from a feminist perspective. Women’s personal experiences and voices on this topic are missing. In order to bridge this gap, research that will discuss whether or not it is necessary and possible to legitimate single motherhood by choice through assisted reproductive technology is needed. This research will use standpoint theory, grounded theory, intersectionality and other feminist theories. Semi-structured interviews will be utilized to dig into who choose to be single mothers through assisted reproductive methods, why they want to make such a decision, and what barriers they would encounter when making it. Ideally, enough women of various backgrounds in education, financial status, sexual orientation, ethnic identities, and living areas will be interviewed in order to be able to formulate a separate theory. The target research group is single women from 18 to 50 years old who are not currently married or in an exclusive and long-term relationship. The study will take place in China both online and offline. A full picture of who these interviewees are, their motivations and potential difficulties in making such decisions will be clearly presented and possible policy recommendations will be built based on this research.