Construction of Gender Discriminatory Practices in the Mexican A.I. Ecosystem

Year of publication:
Supervisors: Anna Ingólfsdóttir , María Rún Bjarnadóttir
Gender Equality, Gender, Artificial Intelligence, México


Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the key technological drivers of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). As such it will impact our world and society in very tangible ways. Previously gender norms, and roles have been constructed and expanded by technology. The Mexican AI Ecosystem is not immune to this. As such it is necessary to examine how Gender Discrimination Practices are being built into it. This research proposal explores the different points of entry for gender discrimination into the Mexican AI Ecosystem. I choose to talk
about an ecosystem to emphasize the nature of the connections and relationships between system and actors. The ecosystem is thought as a whole, however the entry points to
explore are set in academia, businesses, regulatory practices and the user base itself. The methodology proposed is a mix of desk research, ethnography, interviews and surveys with
key actors done from a feminist intersectional lens. This kind of data can build a better AI, and serve as a push through gender equality in Mexico. Artificial intelligence can’t be called
intelligent if it is trained to gender discriminate.