Development and Implementation of a Lifestyle Intervention Promote Physical Activity in Patients with B-thalassemia in Palestine

Final project
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Gender and Disability
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For young people in Palestine with B-thalassemia, the outlook is dim. Not only are they faced with a debilitating, genetic disease, they also deal with social isolation that keeps them from enjoying life and even accessing needed medication. The negative symptoms of thalassemia can be reduced through physical activity and proper nutrition, along with proper medical care. The goal of this project is to improve the quality of life for people with thalassemia through increasing physical activity, educating patients on proper nutrition, and increasing community awareness in order to decrease isolation of people with thalassemia. Increasing physical activity is covered two ways through this project. First, project funds will be used to equip fitness rooms in existing thalassemia centers in Palestine. This will allow people with thalassemia to have access to physical activity where they receive medical care. The project will also create support groups, social activities, and educational workshops for people with thalassemia and their families. The workshops will focus on skills training and lifestyle changes in order to increase the quality of life for people with thalassemia. Physical activity and community awareness are at the center of the let’s move! campaign, which will organize fitness events for people with thalassemia and their families in their local communities. The three-pronged approach will increase the welfare of thalassemia patients and help them become less isolated in their communities.