Empowering Palestinian Women through Income Generating Projects in West Bank Refugee Camps

Author(s): Mohammed Sinokrot
Final project
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Women's Empowerment
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The Palestinian community is irrespective of the pivotal role of the Palestinian women that they play as producers, especially in term of participation in the labor work. Access to resources- land, labour, capital, credit etc. is often gendered in the Palestinian community. This project promoting for empowering the Palestinian women to participate economically equally; which is a process of awareness and capacity-building leading greater participation and access to resources and greater decision making power by ‘’ expansion of freedom of choice and action’’ (World Bank ,2005) based on that, the main objective of this project proposal is to transform working with women as victims of poverty to economically empowering the refugee poor women to change the context in which they live; through offering guidance, capacity building and training, and micro grants to be more stronger and able to enter to the work market and to participate economically equally beside the men.