Female Farmers’ Access to Agricultural Information – Proposal for a PhD Research Project

Author(s): Yagah Nakoja Batu
Final project
Year of publication:
Gender and Agriculture
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Agricultural information, widowed farmers, married female farmers, Pru District, Ghana


In Ghana, female farmers have unequal access to agricultural information. This has not been given due recognition, despite the fact that female farmers dominate agriculture. Currently, it is not known how different categories of female farmers in Ghana access agricultural information and the challenges they encounter. It will be difficult to really prove how beneficial gender equality projects are. This proposed PhD research, therefore, aims to fill this gap in the literature by investigating whether widowed and married female farmers in the Pru District of Ghana have equal access to agricultural information or whether there are differences in this regard. It is important to note that removing inequalities between women increases their collective power to bridge the existing inequalities between women and men. The proposed research will employ a mixed method approach to research by using both quantitative and qualitative methods to investigate the identified research problem.