Gender Responsive Budgeting (GBR) Desk Review Report: The Case of Malawi

Final project
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Gender Responsive Budgeting
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The GRB desk review was a worthwhile undertaking for the government of Malawi in view the post 2015 development agenda which calls for transposing priorities such as gender equality of which GRB is particularly fundamental. The desk review scrutinized the Malawi GRB implementation process which was introduced under the premise that CSOs should lead the process based on the recommendation of a multi donor consultancy report which assumed that government was overloaded with donor driven interventions. The design of the GRB implementation process ignored macro level players such as MoF, MoEPD, NLGFC and OPC. The initiative resulted in ailing performance. A SWOT analysis was employed to assess the general performance of the implementation process while an analysis of selected fiscal policy components illustrated the level of potential support of the framework towards GRB. MoH budget analysis conducted earlier by MHEN was adopted to provide evidence of status of GRB implementation at the MDA level. The desk review revealed that as a result of the separation of MoF, NLGFC, MoEPD and OPC, a number of aspects which are critical drivers of a successful GRB implementation process such as leadership, coordination and capacity were significantly compromised. A prescription was suggested adopting a multifaceted approach in order to address the identified challenges comprising meaningful political commitment; effective leadership and coordination; comprehensive capacity development; economic policy review; effective partnerships; CSOs and media engagement for advocacy; local community engagement; and pioneering and piloting. A specific recommendation of particular interest within the aforesaid broader recommendations included the establishment of “village GRB clubs” at grass root level as entities for interfacing with local councils on issues related to the annual budget. The desk review concluded that effective leadership designated to the right agency could be a critical success factor of a GRB implementation process.