Gender-Responsive Strategies for Enhancing School Staff Capacity: a Pilot Project for Nine Co-Educational UNRWA Schools in West Bank - Palestine

Author(s): Nadia N. S. Shoka
Final project
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Gender and Education
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This project aims to promote gender equality in schools run by the United Nation Relief and Work Agency (UNRWA) in the West Bank – Palestine. This will be done through a gender sensitive and responsive in-service teaching training program for schools personnel. The training program with its follow up measures aims to combat and reduce gender bias that is embedded in textbooks as well as teaching methods and style. The project aims to enable teachers to appreciate gender issues embedded in culture and teaching practices as well as responding to different learning and developmental needs of boys and girls in an inclusive manner. The program will provide the staff with skills and competences to address gender issues and to deal with them in order to work toward achieving gender equality in UNRWA schools. The project intends to pilot the staff of nine co-educated schools run by UNRWA which are distributed in its three operational areas in Palestine: Jerusalem, Nablus and Hebron.