Hand in Hand to Reduce the Incidence of IPV in Beit Hanoun

Final project
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Gender Based Violence
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An overview of women’s rights and violence against women issues in Palestine in general and specifically in the Gaza Strip will be given in this document. This Document aims to provide a background analysis to help in developing effective interventions to combat Intimate Partner Violence. It introduces the main actors, and provides information on women’s status in the economic, health, political, legal and cultural domain and its relation to intimate Partner Violence. Project focus is on Intimate Partner Violence by men against women because of its prevalence and its severe negative impact on a woman’s life. Project interventions aims to track changes in the actual knowledge about IPV and to focus on IPV against women as a major public health and human rights violation. Intimate partner violence is negatively impacting women’s self-esteem, their physical and psychological health as well as their participation in the community, not to mention the negative impact on the lives of their children and a long term negative consequences as an impact on the progress of the development process of the Palestinian society. Moreover the problem for women in the Gaza Strip is that they are facing high rates of physical, sexual, economic and psychological abuse, in the absence of appropriate measures targeting the prevention of and protection from Intimate Partner Violence. The project main objective is to decrease the prevalence of IPV in Beit Hanoun city by 30% by the end of the 2017. The implementing organization is ALAtaa’ Charitable Association for Development (ACAD), a non- profit organization that has been working in Beit Hanoun since 2000.The key project strategies for implementation are conducting a study to get adequate data about the prevalence of the problem, and raising awareness through workshops and media campaigns, also building partnership and documentation of the problem.