Masculinity and Community: Mitigating Domestic Violence against Women in Matola through Men’s Education and Community Involvement Using Gender Transformative Approach

Final project
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Gender Based Violence
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Supervisors: Thomas Brorsen Smidt


This project focuses on reducing instances of domestic/intimate partner violence in the community of Matola, Mozambique. It aims to improve the lives of women through the education of men and community leaders, which will lead to a transformation of community values. It uses a theoretical framework of masculinity to underline that aggressive and risk behaviour in men is due to a process of socialization. By using a Gender transformative Approach the project will educate men by providing training, counselling and awareness-raising. It will also encourage community leaders to support survivors of violence. The expected outcome of this project is a significant reduction in the instances of domestic/intimate partner violence in Matola, Mozambique.