Offsetting the Gendered Side Effects of Mining in Yatenga, the North Region of Burkina Faso

Final project
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Women's Empowerment
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Supervisors: Kirstín Flygenring


The project addresses the consequences of gender inequality in accessing the opportunities offered by mining in Burkina Faso. These consequences include the loss of women’s income-generating activities, prostitution and sexual exploitation. With a duration of three years, the project will be implemented through activities consisting of training women and girls from the four impact zones around the Endeavor Mining Corporation’s Karma mine in entrepreneurship, mechanics and mining equipment. In total, 220 women, 330 girls and 60 women’s groups will benefit directly from the project. The innovation is that it seeks to improve the prospects of women and girls inside and outside the mining sector, making them key players and not just beneficiaries. The women and girls benefiting from this project will receive advice on using part of their income to make sustainable investments in a promising sector. The project will also strengthen the capacity of the Endeavor Mining company, the regional and communal authorities, and the media on gender responsive budgeting and gender mainstreaming. At the end of the project, the gender responsive budgeting framework and the gender mainstreaming strategy that Endeavor Mining will acquire will enable them to improve the women's perspective in their intervention.