Prevention of Domestic Violence against Women in Kabale District - Western Uganda

Author(s): Swizeen Ndyabawe
Final project
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Gender Based Violence
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This three year project will be implemented in Kabale district, western Uganda where domestic violence against women is a major problem. Domestic violence against women in Kabale is accelerated by cultural briefs and people‘s attitudes towards domestic violence, bride price/dowry and inadequate institutional capacity especially by government departments like the police, local council courts and community based services department. The goal of the project is to diminish domestic violence against women in the district. This will be achieved through raising awareness among women and men on women’s rights to be free from domestic violence, community mobilization and engaging local leaders in order to abandon cultural norms and practices that promote domestic violence against women and strengthening the institutional capacity of police, local council courts and community based services department to provide legal and psychosocial support to the victims of domestic violence. It will ensure that there is collaboration among different duty bearers i.e. courts of law, police and the social development workers in order to eliminate all forms of domestic violence. The project will focus on increasing access to justice, counselling services and information by victims of domestic violence and it will also bring men on board in the fight against domestic violence by emphasizing behavioral change since in most cases they are the perpetrators.