Reducing the Violation Rights for Women and Girls with Disabilities in Kabarole District, Western Region of Uganda

Final project
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Gender and Disability
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The mainstreaming disability approach, which is line with the feminist disability approach, emphasizes the whole gender system to highlight dismissed voices and misrepresented experiences in regard to gender and disability. When disability and gender intersect, rights violations take unique forms, springing from specific causes that require particular interventions. Women and girls with disabilities in the Kabarole District of Uganda face social, economic and political marginalization that has left them the poorest group in one of the more developed areas in Uganda. They are unable to access justice in spite of gross violation of their rights due to lack of mobility and the high costs associated with seeking justice from the local authorities and courts in Uganda. This project aims to reduce the violation of rights against women and girls with disabilities in the Kabarole district through integrating their needs in the district plans and budgets by the beginning of 2019. Integration of their needs into departments like health, education, community-based services, service commissions, and human rights will make women and girls with disabilities and their care takers empowered to seek for justice. Activities including awareness campaigns, community dialogue, advocacy meetings, capacity building trainings for different stake holders and many other interventions will also be carried out to support the strategy of integrating of needs for women and girls with disabilities in the district plans and budgets to change the current situation on the ground.