Requiem for Women's Subordination? Children's Right to not Wear Religious Symbols

Final project
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Gender and Religion
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This research paper assumes that there is a right for children not to wear religious symbols and considers this right as a prima facie right, since it affects the autonomy and dignity of the individual. Thus it takes a more daring approach than that of the traditional human rights mechanisms. This assumption is based on the right of children to religious freedom. The paper shines a light on the connection between children’s enjoyment of religious freedom and women’s subordination in a world in which religion, human rights and gender equality have never coexisted comfortably. It examines the role of the European Court of Human Rights in promoting the rights of children and the termination of women’s subordination who have been indoctrinated to practice as subordinators from their childhood. The paper concludes that the ECtHR, like parents and states; is a part of the patriarchal system and avoids to make efforts to demolish it, even at the expense of human rights.