SignWiki Mozambique: Improving Access to Mozambique Sign Language

Final project
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Gender and Education
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Supervisors: Geir Gunnlaugsson


Research on the living conditions of deaf people is lacking in Mozambique as in many other low income countries. Their human rights are often overlooked, and their access to economic and social services remain none existent due to their exclusion in the society. Yet, deaf people are neither targeted as priority by the Government nor in the family. This project is an effort to counteract the marginalization of the Mozambican deaf people by improving their access to Mozambique Sign Language (MSL). Based on new technology and new approaches the project has the potential to increase the accessibility of MSL in a low cost and sustainable manner by introducing SignWiki. The vision behind the SignWiki platform is to contribute towards human development, empowerment and equity for deaf people by strengthening SLs and education through the use of information and communication technologies. SignWiki enables collection, dissemination and analysis of SL resources and knowledge. The project aims to invite universities, researchers and deaf language users to build up a knowledge resource and knowledge sharing on MSL. It will facilitate the participation of deaf people in the process of development of the country, and promote for their inclusion in the Mozambican society.