The Rights of Female Inmates in Palestinian Prisons: Theory and Practice

Author(s): Jolin Zaghloul
Final project
Year of publication:
Gender, Peace and Security
Number of pages:
Supervisors: Elsa Þorkelsdóttir


The fact that Palestine is not a sovereign state and still under occupation, does not mean that the human rights in general and women’s rights specifically could be violated. Also signing or approving on agreements and conventions does not necessarily mean that the status of women’s rights are in safe. There is a huge difference between the texts and the reality. This essay is just a simple try to detect women’s violations that occur inside prisons , and what do they experience both inside and outside prisons. As it also shows that the domestic laws is not going along with the commitments that the Palestinian authority have made by ratifying CEDAW. This requires work to repeal any laws or legislation or regulations in conflict with the statement in terms of the agreement ratified by the Authority, as well as the application of the Palestinian judiciary in its provisions as addressed by the Convention in several aspects related to women's rights and protection from all forms of discrimination and violence. Approving Convention doesn't mean that it is in forced, but this requires practical steps and concrete at the legislative, administrative and procedural level, otherwise, it will remain without any value.