Title: The Role of the Academic Community in Contributing to Peace and Security Processes in Mozambique

Final project
Year of publication:
Gender, Peace and Security
Number of pages:
Supervisors: Geir Gunnlaugsson


Mozambican society has been historically marked by wars, conflicts, poverty, social exclusion and natural disasters, with women and children being left more vulnerable than their male counterparts. This project explores how women are generally excluded from conflict resolution and reconstruction processes after periods of instability and draws attention to the role the academic community can play in gender, peace and security issues in Mozambique. The aim of this research paper is to serve as a basis for the elaboration and implementation of a curriculum that encompasses theories related to gender, peace and security that could be a positive catalyst in promoting the role of women in peace-keeping efforts. While the curriculum is designed specifically for the sociology course of the Eduardo Mondlane University in Maputo, Mozambique, it could be implemented elsewhere and used by government institutions to raise awareness of gender issues.

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