Violence Against Palestinian Women in Israel: Intersections of Patriarchy, Militarism and Discrimination

Author(s): Razan Wazwaz
Final project
Year of publication:
Supervisors: Hildur Fjóla Antonsdóttir


This essay aims to unpack violence against Palestinian women citizens of Israel by analysing how multiple and intersecting forms of oppression exacerbate violence against women, and at the same time, create barriers that hinder their access to support and protection services to end violence in their lives. The essay also explores the intersections of patriarchy, discrimination, and militarisation through two interviews with directors of Palestinian feminist organisations, and how these organisations provide protection services to survivors of violence.

The essay will also focus on militarization and how it exacerbates violence against Palestinian women in Israel. It will draw on literature reviews from previous research that has been conducted on violence against women in Israel, and other contexts where women are part of marginalized and minority groups.