Title: Women Agri-Entrepreneurs in Malawi: Improving the Livelihoods of Rural Women in Chipande Extension Planning Area, Blantyre

Author(s): Valens Mphezu
Final project
Year of publication:
Gender and Entrepreneurship
Number of pages:
Agri-entrepreneurship, female headed households, livelihoods, household approach, Malawi


In Malawi, almost 92% of female-headed households live in rural areas and depend on subsistence agriculture for their daily livelihood. This proposal is for a project which aims to transform the livelihood of female-headed households in Chipande EPA in Blantyre District, Malawi, from living in ultra-poverty to having sustainable incomes and ensuring achievement of food security in their households. This is achieved by improved agricultural production, access to markets, and improved household intra-relationships. The goal is to economically empower 1,000 female-headed households through a range of activities, such as improved agricultural practices, use of new technologies, provision of inputs and development of agri-entrepreneur knowledge and skills. Further, actions will be taken to enhance access to markets, to include the construction of community market shelters, the establishment of a community-based transport system, and the formalization of farmer-buyer contracts. Improved household intra-relationships are essential for the project, as is a collaboration between household members to achieve the common goals and address gender imbalances. Household gender relations will be improved through the implementation of a household approach.

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