Providing Gender Equality Education in the Work Sector at Eduardo Mondlane University EMU

Final project
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Gender and Education
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Education; Gender Equality; Sexual Harassment, Women Rights


The project calls for action and engagement with gender equality issues and women's rights at Eduardo Mondlane University (UEM) in Mozambique, following the perceived lack of knowledge of women’s rights and policies against sexual harassment at the institution. Indeed, the project’s main objective is to provide gender equality education at the workplace at the UEM in order to promote knowledge on gender equality and women's rights, as a means of reducing cases of sexual harassment and, consequently, school dropout. To attain its goals, the project will implement short courses on gender issues, women's rights, sexuality and sexual harassment throughout the UEM. It is expected that the aforementioned activities will raise awareness of gender issues in the UEM academic community. The project also proposes strategies to tackle sexual harassment, including the creation of a unit where girls and women can report incidents of harassment, and the establishment of a gender and anti-sexual harassment policy aimed at safeguarding women’s rights at UEM.