News Fellows 2023-24

Always good weather

26 January 2024
Fellows watching humpback whales in Eyjafjordur. Photo: Magnús Víðisson
Fellows watching humpback whales in Eyjafjordur. Photo: Magnús Víðisson

The group of FTP fellows specialising in fisheries policy and management are currently settling into daily life in Akureyri -- and have already made it into the local news.

Last week they went on an excursion to Hauganes village, where they experienced first-hand how the Northerners cure cod and ferment shark. They were also lucky enough to see humpback whales feed in the adjacent fjord.

It was another fine day for the fellows … and, as one of them is quoted saying on, where the excursion is given a high profile: “The weather here is much more stable and predictable than in the south”.

University of Akureyri has from early days been one of FTP’s key Icelandic partners, providing lecturers and supervisors to the Six-month Training Programme.

It has also from time to time hosted part of the Fisheries Policy and Management line of specialisation and, since 2021, been running the whole line.

Akureyri is a great place to study social and economic aspects of fisheries.

The university itself has, for example, operated a fisheries department there for decades and built up outstanding expertise in the field. And the whole Eyjafjörður area is, of course, a home to many important fishing towns, where daily life revolves around fishing, processing and servicing the sector.

This year, ten from a total of 24 FTP fellows are enrolled in the Fisheries Policy and Management line.

After the introduction module, conducted in November and December, they moved to Akureyri at the beginning of January and will stay there until they have completed an individual research project by middle of May.

We wish them a good stay in the North.