SDG 14 video series, GRÓ-FTP introduction

The GRÓ-FTP is pleased to announce a new video series exploring Sustainable Development Goal 14. SDG 14 relates to life in water and how we can build a path towards conserving living aquatic resources in our oceans and seas.

There are ten targets within SDG 14, five of which deal with fisheries and how humans can use the living aquatic resources to build the future we want. All over the world people rely on these systems to provide them with food, income, livelihoods, and ecosystem services like regulation of the global climate. In this way, as we work together towards achieving the targets of the SDG 14 we also consider the other Sustainable Development Goals including Ending Poverty, Ending Hunger, Good Health, Quality Education, and Climate Change.

GRÓ-FTP's SDG 14 video series draws upon our more than 20 years of experience working with fisheries in developing countries. Through conversations with experts, we dissect the SDG 14 fisheries targets. Building on research projects developed by fellows in our programme, we explore some of the major issues facing the development of fisheries across the world today, and what might be done to meet the ambitious targets of SDG 14.