What are former fellows up to?

It is great to learn about what former fellows are up to after return to their home countries. Was their fellowship in Iceland useful for their career? We don’t manage to capture everything – but here are a few inspiring stories.

19 February 2024

Cape Verde fisheries under study by former fellow

In a recently published paper a former fellow, João Antonio F. Brito, sheds new light on the status of the fisheries sector in his home country, Cape Verde, and its contribution to total output and employment.
Outside the Fisheries Research Station in Monkey Bay. From the left: James Banda, María Guðjónsdóttir, Ólöf Guðný Geirsdóttir, and two visiting students from Department of Food Science and Nutrition at University of Iceland.
2 June 2023

Former FTP fellow in Malawi, James Banda, hosts a visit from the University of Iceland

Visit from Professor Maria and Faculty Members from University of Iceland
16 April 2023

GRÓ-FTP scholarship recipient Hang Thi Nguyen to defend PhD

Tuesday April 18th GRÓ-FTP scholarship recipient, Hang Thi Nguyen, will defend her PhD research Novel protein sources from fish processing side streams and underutilised species for human consumption.
18 August 2022

GRÓ-FTP scholarship recipient Alvin Slewion Jueseah to defend PhD

Thursday August 18th GRÓ-FTP scholarship recipient, Alvin Slewion Jueseah, will defend his PhD research Economic Analysis of the Coastal Fisheries of Liberia.
Former fellow Hardin Jn Pierre first Saint Lucian to be awarded JICA's SDGs Global Leadership Scholarship.
25 November 2021

Former fellow building upon his work in Iceland

Mr. Hardin Jn Pierre, a GRÓ-FTP fellow from 2019, has become the first Saint Lucian to be awarded a scholarship newly established by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).
23 February 2021

GRÓ-FTP welcomes MSc and PhD Scholarship Recipients to Iceland

The GRÓ-Fisheries Training Programme was pleased to welcome our post-graduate scholarship recipients currently in Iceland to our new offices at the Marine and Freshwater Research Institute in Hafnafjörður last week.
FTP fellow Tricia Lovell, Acting Deputy Chief Fisheries Officer, Antigua and Barbuda
22 February 2021

FTP fellow Tricia Lovell is Acting Deputy Chief Fisheries Officer, Antigua and Barbuda

Tricia Lovell of Antigua and Barbuda was a Fisheries Training Programme fellow in 2012. While in Iceland, she specialised in Fisheries Policy and Planning, and her final research project was entitles, "Towards a management plan for Antigua and Barbuda's Queen conch fisheries: a co-management approach".
From left: Thor Asgeirsson, Julie Ingham, Etuna Haimbili, Kimberlee Cooke-Panton, Mary Frances Davidson, and Tumi Tomasson
23 September 2020

GRÓ-FTP welcomes two new post-graduate students of Master's studies at the University of Iceland

Today the GRÓ Fisheries Training Programme under the auspices of UNESCO officially welcomed two new post-graduate students to Iceland for their Master‘s studies at the University of Iceland through scholarships provided by the GRÓ-FTP. Both began their studies in the Environment and Natural Resources specialising in Marine Resource Management.
16 June 2020

Vianny Natugonza - PhD defence

Vianny Natugonza will defend his PhD dissertation titled "A comparative analysis of ecosystem models of Lake Victoria (East Africa)." on the 18th of June 2020, at 13.00 GMT.
5 June 2019

Britney Kasmiran finishes her MSc studies at the University of Iceland

UNU-FTP is proud to announce that Ms. Britney Sharline Kasmiran, a fellow 2016, defended her MSc thesis on “Physicochemical Properties and potential utilization of side raw materials of Yellowfin (Thunnus albacares) and albacore (Thunnus alalunga) tuna” on May 27 2019 at Matis. Her supervisors were Prof. Maria Gudjonsdottir, Prof. Sigurjon Arason, Dr. Magnea Karlsdóttir.
2 October 2018

UNU-FTP fellow Huong Thi Thu Dang to defend PhD

Huong Thi Thu Dang, UNU-FTP fellow from Vietnam, will defend her PhD thesis entitled “Enhancing the quality of frozen fish products through improved processing and storage” on October 3 at the University of Iceland Main Building at 14:00.
27 July 2018

Seattle Highlights

Last week campus of Seattle’s University of Washington was bustling with crowds of cheerful fishery economists of various stocks: Academics, fisheries managers, policy makers, seafood industry members and old UNU-FTP fellows ...
22 December 2017

A less perfect crime

Fishing with beach seines has become controversial over the years because of the adverse impact it has on aquatic habitats and also out of concern for overfishing. In Kenya the government took the step in 2001 to prohibit altogether the use of this technique in the country’s important Lake Victoria fisheries. Still, quite a few fishermen keep on using their seines along the shores of the lake thereby seriously undermining management efforts. Why do they take the risk of being caught and penalized? Why don’t they join the common cause of conservation? Is there anything that can be done to alter their behaviour?