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GRÓ-FTP Sustainable Aquaculture fellows in Faroe Islands

23 January 2023
GRÓ-FTP Sustainable Aquaculture fellows in Faroe Islands

In 2021 GRÓ-FTP and Fiskaaling discussed a possible collaboration that would benefit fellows participating in FTP´s Sustainable Aquaculture specialist line. After a visit to the Faroes in May that year, it was decided that it would be of mutual benefit for Iceland and the Faroe Islands to work together when it comes to capacity building in aquaculture in the developing countries, and consequently steps towards cooperation were outlined.

The first step was for experts from Fiskaaling to attend a few days of the introductory course on GRÓ-FTP six-month training programme in November 2022 with a view to familiarising themselves with the programme, its fellows and specifically to attend presentations from our Sustainable Aquaculture fellows (see news item dated 8 Nov 2022).

In January 2023 the second step was taken and four SAq fellows accompanied by their head of line travelled to the Faroe Islands at the invitation of the Faroese government and in cooperation with Fiskaaling were offered a study tour of Faroese aquaculture which complemented their specialist training at Hólar University. The trip included visits to aquaculture production companies, fishmeal manufacturers, sustainable salmon producers, a macroalgae farming company, a sea cage aquaculture producer, and the fiskaaling research station. In addition, the fellows were received by Mr. Bjarni Kárason Petersen, the Minister for International Development Cooperation, and introduced to the Faroese Food and Veterinary Authority. The fellows were impressed to see Faroese emphasis on sustainability reflected in feed production, biosecurity, knowledge-sharing, and management systems, and considered the study-tour a great opportunity to see aquaculture from another perspective and identify possible solutions for challenges in their home countries.

Here is a link to news of the visit on the Faroese government website:

Here is a link to an item produced by the Faroese broadcaster:

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