News Northern field trip 2021

Nordfisk and Valeska in Dalvík

19 October 2021
Nordfisk and Valeska in Dalvík

Very close to the new Samherji plant in the Dalvík harbour is Nordfisk, a fish auction market trading fish from sellers to buyers and handling the necessary administration during that transfer. The fellows were welcomed by the auction market director Benedikt Snær Magnússon who explained how the auction operates, how the daily catch is estimated, how the bidding works and how the purchase is made. Benedikt showed the group the landing sites, the fish weighing, sorting and storage areas and even had a selection of fish ready for the fellows to inspect. Click on the link below to see photographs from the visit to Nordfisk.


After introducing the auction process, Benedikt took FTP´s fellows around Nordfisk´s parent company close by, the fishing industry service company Valeska. Valeska handle landings from fishing vessels that land in Dalvík and Akureyri, as well as servicing nearby Samherji. Fellows were introduced to a range of Valeska´s services, such as, a fish container repair service, a pallet workshop, a timber recycling workshop which shaves and presses the wood from old pallets creating highly absorbent wooden pellets used as bedding material in horse stables. The fellows saw the Safe2land gear which is gear hoisting equipment that Valeska developed together with Samherji, which increases safety when loading and unloading fishing containers from ships. The link below contains photos from the Valeska visit.


After a very informative day, the fellows were lucky enough to take home a gift of fresh cod which was incorporated into a delicious evening meal. Thank you so much Benedikt!