News Northern field trip 2021

On to Dalvík

19 October 2021
On to Dalvík

The fellows proceeded to the town of Dalvík where Samherji operates a brand new, highly advanced white-fish plant which opened in August 2020. The visiting FTP group were met by senior production manager Sigurður Jörgen who showed the fellows around this state-of the-art plant. Sigurður explained that the plant covers a 9,200 square metre area with 95% of the equipment newly installed and highly automated. Here Samherji produces a wide variety of fresh and frozen fish products as well as dried fish and exports these products under the "Ice Fresh Seafood" brand. Click on the link below to view FTP´s visit to Samherji.

Samherji in Dalvík

GRÓ-FTP fellows were given the opportunity to view the processing areas and ask questions. Fellows learnt that in addition to its processing plants, Samherji operates a fleet of fishing vessels and is involved in fish farming. The fellows were interested in the design of the plant which clearly focused on improving quality and meeting customer requirements. Sigurður Jörgen described Samherji´s emphasis on creating an ergonomic working environment and how special attention had been placed on sound and light quality for the 130 employees. The fellows learned that on a good day the plant can process 100 tons of fish and the average annual production is 17,000 tons per year.