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Guests from Indonesia

27 May 2022
Guests from Indonesia

Recently GRÓ - Fisheries Training Programme had the pleasure of hosting a visit from a group of Indonesian academics and officials.

The group of 15 include the dean of the Fisheries and Marine Science Faculty at the University of Halu Oleo and specialists from the Ministry of National Development Planning and the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries. The guests participated in an eight-day programme on fisheries management, co-organised by GRÓ-FTP and the University of Akureyri, with important contributions from the Marine and Freshwater Institute, the Directorate of Fisheries and the University of Iceland.

Indonesia is the second-largest fish producer in the world with a capture fisheries production exceeding 7 million tonnes in 2019. In addition, as the world's largest archipelagic nation, its fisheries is distinguished by a high diversity of species and with a large variety of gear and fishing methods. It is therefore not surprising that fisheries management is a complex issue in the country and that Indonesians are interested in the experience of other countries in this field.

Director general of the department of fisheries at the Ministry of Food, Ms. Áslaug Eir Hólmgeirsdóttir, addressed the participants at the opening ceremony of the intensive programme at the MFRI headquarters in Hafnarfjörður. Most of the professional short course, however, is conducted in Akureyri with a combination of seminars at the University of Akureyri and field trips.