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Here is some fish

28 November 2022
Here is some fish

Sometimes a newly arrived Fisheries Training Programme fellow will ask a question that, at first, may seem simple: “Where can we find some fish?”

Actually, this is a reminder that FTP’s introduction module should not just cram academic lectures into the schedule, at the neglect of exploring and experiencing the fundamental elements that make up the fishing industry, i.e., the fishing vessels, the gear they use, the catch, the processed seafood, and the value added products.

The fishing industry is amazingly complex, with its interrelated layers of ecosystems, technology and social issues. It is, indeed, difficult to appreciate its real status and prospects by sitting inside a classroom all day all week.

Luckily, though, our fellows have always been welcomed by all the major actors in the industry, the companies, the governmental organisations, the universities, the research institutes, the museums and so on.

This photo gallery shows our 2022 fellows experiencing the Icelandic fishing industry first hand on fieldtrips around the capital area during FTP´s introductory module.