19 December 2023

GRÓ GEST Online Alumni Seminar 2023

The GRÓ GEST online alumni seminar 2023 took place on 15 December. The alumni seminar is a platform for the GEST community to continue learning from each other, connecting alumni across cohorts and geographical regions.
Course participants with the two facilitators
5 December 2023

Short Course on Gender, Environment, and Sustainable Land Management in Kyrgyzstan

Last week, 16 experts in natural resource managers at Camp Alatoo Foundation in Kyrgyzstan completed a three-day training course titled "Gender, Environment and Sustainable Land Management". The course was tailored for the staff of Camp Alatoo Foundation, a key partner of GRÓ-LRT in Kyrgyzstan.
4 December 2023

Open Call for Nominations for the 2025 GRÓ GEST Programme

The GRÓ Gender Equality Studies and Training (GEST) programme calls for nominations for its academic programme in 2025. The deadline for nominations is 8 March 2024.
20 November 2023

Launch Event for GRÓ GEST Online Courses

GRÓ GEST launches four Massive Open Online Courses in International Gender Studies
15 November 2023

GRÓ GEST Director Visits The Lilja’s Fistula and One Stop Centre in Mangochi, Malawi

The GRÓ GEST Director, Dr. Irma Erlingsdóttir visited Malawi in November, where she visited GRÓ GEST’s partners, both old and new. Among the sites visited was the Lilja’s Fistula and One Stop Centre at the Mangochi District Hospital, a care centre for survivors of sexual violence and inter institutional support centre addressing fistula.
Participants and instructors at the short course on gender and climate change in Mangochi district
13 November 2023

GRÓ GEST Expands Cooperation in Malawi

The Director of GRÓ GEST, Dr. Irma Erlingsdóttir, visited Malawi in November. Her schedule was extensive and filled with stimulating experiences and activities. The GEST programme has collaborated with institutions and associations in Malawi for eleven years, with 34 fellows having gratuated from the programme since 2013.