8 February 2022

Queer Iceland in an International Context – RIKK and GEST Spring 2022 Lecture Series

The topic of the spring 2022 Lecture Series organised by RIKK – Institute for Gender, Equality and Difference at the University of Iceland and the Gender Equality Studies and Training Programme (GRÓ-GEST) is Queer Iceland in an International Context. The series emphasizes a diverse and interdisciplinary approach on queer studies in Iceland.
The 2022 GRÓ GEST Cohort
21 January 2022

GRÓ GEST Welcomes the 2022 Cohort

The GRÓ GEST team is very pleased to welcome the 14th GEST cohort to Iceland, which has now completed its first week at the GEST programme.
31 December 2021

GRÓ GEST 2021 - Year in Review

Yet another year has passed at the GRÓ GEST. The GEST team is thankful for having been able to continue GEST' main activities despite the pandemic, including the postgraduate programme.
25 December 2021

Season's Greetings 2021!

The GRÓ GEST programme sends its warmest holiday greetings and wishes for a happy new year!
10 December 2021

Congratulations to the GRÓ GEST class of 2021!

GRÓ GEST celebrated the graduation of 20 fellows, who were awarded a postgraduate diploma in international gender studies from the University of Iceland. The fellows come from 15 countries: China, Egypt, Kenya, India, Iraq (Kurdistan), Malawi, Mexico, Mongolia, Namibia, Nepal, Nigeria, Palestine (West Bank), Russia (Arctic), Sri Lanka and Uganda. The group consists of experts working in governments, academia, research, civil societies, and non-governmental organisations.
7 December 2021

Empowering Women Energy Entrepreneurs

GEST alumna Ms Chinenye Anekwe succesfully implements project to empower women through sustainable energy