The GRÓ Geothermal Training Programme is a postgraduate training programme aiming at assisting developing countries in capacity strengthening within geothermal exploration and development.  From its establishment in 1979, it was known as the United Nations University Geothermal Training Programme, or UNU-GTP until in 2020 when it moved under the auspices of UNESCO and became GRÓ GTP.  

The mission of GRÓ GTP is to give university graduates engaged in geothermal work intensive on-the-job training in their chosen fields of specialization. The trainees work side by side with geothermal professionals in Iceland. The aim is to assist the countries with significant geothermal potential in building up groups of specialists that cover most aspects of geothermal exploration and development. Thereby, enabling or strengthening their capacity to develop and utilise their geothermal resources. The Government of Iceland funds the operations of the Programme through its official development cooperation.

The Programme consists of six months annual training for practicing professionals from developing countries with significant geothermal potential. Priority is given to countries where geothermal development is under way, in order to maximize technology transfer.

GRÓ GTP also offers Fellows that complete the Six Month Training the possibility to pursue a higher academic degree and extend their studies to MSc, or PhD degrees in geothermal sciences or engineering in cooperation with the University of Iceland or Reykjavik University.  

As a special support to the UN Development Goals, the Government of Iceland is able to significantly support the renewable energy targets through the MDG/SDG Workshops and Short Courses held by GRÓ GTP in its cooperation countries in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean islands.  With these efforts GRÓ GTP, is able to reach a much larger audience and, furthermore, they have led to a significant cooperation between neighbouring countries both in geothermal project development and in transfer of technology and human resources.  

In line with the gender equality policy of the Government and the SDGs, the GRÓ Geothermal Training Programme supports gender equality in its cooperation countries through a gender based candidate selection as well as gender equality consideration in all its operations.