The GRÓ Geothermal Training Programme is a post-graduate training programme with the mandate of capacity strengthening in lower- to middle-income countries with sufficient geothermal potential. The GTP does not accept applications from individuals but rather by nomination from the heads of geothermal research and utilization institutions and universities in the specialized fields that are considered most relevant to promote geothermal development in the respective country. Much care is taken in selecting the participants. All qualified candidates are interviewed personally.

The selection of Fellow candidates for the Six Month Training Programme is based on certain criteria:

  1. Nominations of participants, including the curriculum vitae of the candidates, should be directed to the Geothermal Training Programme in Iceland. Please contact us at
  2. The candidate must hold a university degree in science or engineering (or economics for the Project Management and Finances line).
  3. The candidate should have a minimum of one year practical experience in geothermal, and should be in a permanent (or long-term) position at a government owned energy company, research institution, or university.
  4. The working language at the GTP is English and, therefore, candidates should be able to in write and understand English.
  5. The candidate should preferably be under the age of 40 (negotiable for the Project Management and Finances line).

The Fellows are selected through site visits and extensive personal interviews according to our procedures. Much care is taken in selecting the Fellows, in part, due to the high teacher-to-student ratio.  Site visits cannot be held in all requesting countries every year due to high costs of international travel. For this reason, personal interviews are held in a given country for two or three years at a time. Interviews are also held in connection with the GTP Short Courses.

Fellows that graduate from the Six Month Training, can apply for a MSc and/or PhD Fellowship.  Further details here

For information to participate in the MDG/SDG Short Courses, please contact us at