GRÓ GTP publishes much of its training material in an open online database, based here on our website, making it one of the largest databases on geothermal research in the world.  Here, you can find all the Six Month Training project reports, MSc theses, Guest lecturers presentations, and Proceedings of the Workshops/Short Courses, all of which are edited and published by GRÓ GTP.

Our main publication is the annual book "Geothermal Training in Iceland" containing the final project reports from the Six Month Training in Iceland from every year since the start of the Programme in 1979.  The books are available as individual reports on the website, and can be sent by mail upon request to former Fellows as well as universities and leading geothermal research institutions.

All the publication posted on the website have links leading to files uploaded in the on-line library Gegnir where it is also possible to retrieve all the publication material.  When using Gegnir, search for titles or authors or keywords, and 'United Nations University Geothermal Training' or 'GRÓ Geothermal Training'.