International Guest Lecturers

One guest lecturer with an international reputation is invited every year as a UNU Visiting Lecturer to give a lecture series and to lead discussions with the trainees. The UNU Visiting Lecturers have stayed from about two weeks to two months in Reykjavik.

Most lectures of the UNU Visiting Lecturers have been published by the Training Programme and are available for download under publications or directly from the icons below. Some of these reports have served as important teaching material.

 2019  Alper Baba Turkey  
 2018  William Cumming USA  
 2017  Juliet Newson New Zealand  
 2016  James Koenig USA
 2015  Meseret Teklemariam Zemedkun (UNU Fellow 1984) Ethiopia  
 2014  Malcolm A. Grant New Zealand
 2013  Kevin Brown New Zealand
 2012  Cornel Otieno Ofwona (UNU Fellow 1996) Kenya  
 2011  Ernst Huenges Germany
 2010  Roland N. Horne USA  
 2009  Wilfred A. Elders USA  
 2008  Wang Kun (UNU Fellow 1998) China
 2007  José Antonio Rodríguez El Salvador
 2006  Hagen Hole New Zealand
 2005  Martin Mwangi (UNU Fellow 1982) Kenya
 2004  Peter Seibt Germany  
 2003  Beata Kepinska (UNU Fellow 1994) Poland
 2002  Karsten Pruess USA
 2001  Hilel Legmann Israel  
 2000  Trevor M. Hunt New Zealand
 1999  Philip Michael Wright USA  
 1998  Agnes Reyes (UNU Fellow 1979) Philippines/New Zealand
 1997  Toshihiro Uchida Japan  
 1996  John Lund USA
 1995  Gudmundur Bödvarsson USA  
 1994  Ladislaus Rybach Switzerland  
 1993  Zosimo F. Sarmiento (UNU Fellow 1980) Philippines
 1992  Patrick Muffler USA  
 1991  Wang Ji-yang China
 1990  Andre Menjoz France
 1989  Peter Ottlik Hungary
 1988  Robert O. Fournier USA
 1987  Robert Harrison United Kingdom
 1986  Russel James New Zealand
 1985  Bernardo Tolentino Philippines
 1984  Enrico Barbier Italy
 1983  Patrick Browne New Zealand
 1982  Stanley H. Ward USA
 1981  Derek H. Freeston New Zealand
 1980  Christopher Armstead United Kingdom
 1979  Donald E. White USA